About Us

This was started by Clare Banham, a smallholder raising pigs and poultry, who decided to go into the milling business. He hired both sites although the Windmill was used only for storage. In the early 1920’s his son, Harold, joined the business and later took it over, transferring the premises to the current Raynham Road site in 1925.

The business grew and in 1956 H Banham became H Banham Limited. In the 1960’s the company started trading grain and since then has introduced new lines of business with the sales of seed and fertiliser. In the late 70’s some farm buildings on a site at Colkirk were demolished and a grain dressing plant and grain stores were erected, to clean and store malting barley prior to delivery. Since then the company has expanded rapidly with new buildings, a fleet of lorries and in April 2000, a move into new offices at the Raynham Road site. The former bungalow of Harold & Ada Banham was converted to an open plan office allowing a brighter, more pleasant working environment.

The company now employs 8 staff in the office at Hempton and 4 LGV drivers.